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Aug 13

My favorite 3D video games (PART 1)

Posted by Ajay_D in Untagged 


This is not an exhaustive list, and I will list only games that I truly love. Rest assured there are many great games out there, but I am not here to write a essay. I am here to let you know what I love, and if you're a gamer, you can look into these games for entertainment. 



Nov 30

2010:The worst Year of Raj comics???

Posted by Ajay_D in Untagged 


Only 1 WTS series, and that was a sheer disappointment.

No continuation to Yodha series! No good Doga series...only 2 remaining parts of Virudh warrior.

Introduction of Horrid solo of DDD.

Sep 05

Kiya En Loogon mein janoon Nahi!?

Posted by Ajay_D in Untagged 


Why do fans share Raj comics Online???


Sanjay ji nai "Speed Breaker" green page mein  saab fans ko emotionally samjhaya ki Comics sharing ka saath price badhti hai aur sales girati hai!

Sep 05

My Janoon for the "Thrill Horror Suspense" Series

Posted by Ajay_D in Untagged 

(Thrill Horror Suspense Series)

There were many Indians publications in India, Many published Misc comics on fairy tales and detective stories. But It was Raj comics, who put Horror series on the map. When the "Thrill Horror Suspense" series was launched, It was a Instant hit. After the success of this series, Many Indian publishers tried to follow this success and created their own Horror series. But their Horror series were always second rate in both stories and illustrations. But our Raj comics always managed to bring new and interesting horror concepts to the readers.

I would like to start by saying, I was originally a Nagraj fan since my early childhood, I was crazy for Nagraj series, But that changed on a one milestone day. I remember my first THS comic "Hytaari Gend", It was the issue which made me a huge fan of the series. I remember turning the pages and being amused by the spooky artwork. I remember getting up the very next morning and realizing that I had misplaced the comic book. I tried looking around the house, in every corner, But I could not find it. This really depressed me, But my mother, who was cleaning the house at the time, found the comic under my bed. Oh, How I was thankful to her! This one issue is all It really took, I had been won over by RC's Thrill Horror Series. It became a addiction for me, A very strong connection was made between a innocent child and the spooky ghosts of RC (hehe). Moreover, Whenever my father visited the market, I always requested Thrill Horror comics over Nagraj, and he never disappointed me. I will not forget to tell you, I love my father to death, Not just for the relationship, Because he understood my desire and the Janoon for Raj comics. He grew up with Phantom comics and he supported me for my addiction throughout my childhood. Even when my mother became upset and yelled at me over my craze, He was still there, After work he would be there with every new THS and Nagraj issue in his hand. I love him for that, thank you so much for looking out for me dear pops!

Once he picked me up from school, and we stopped at a local comics shop to purchase a new THS issue called "Bhago maut jagi". I have been waiting for this particular issue for a very long time (days turn to months when your comics crazy!) and I danced in joy as I held the issue in my little hands. As we were riding on his scooter back home, I told him that "This all looks like a dream", He was amused by my comment and he gently said "I know how you feel". I had read many Horror comics in other Indian publications, But honestly, none of them touched my heart like Raj comics did. Sanjay ji always managed to deliver something new, something different, something fresh to their fans. This was the difference between other publications and our RC. Raj comics did it for the fans, the profession, money never seen as their main objective. It was their genuine connection to the comics, which helped them survive through the journey. I remember when "Ek Katoora khoon" was released, I went to the market with my father and his friend. As much as I love my father, he had one weakness, He could never consider spending money for the SPCL issues. He always requested (request, because he did not deny either!) that I purchase general comics first. But this particular issue caught my eye, the cover was so horrific and creepy, that I had to have it in my hands. I kept demanding it, They kept trying to change my mind. Finally (thankfully) my father's friend stepped in and told my father "Kiyo bacha ko naraz ker raha ho...khreed do yaar". And that's all it took, I still thank my father's buddy for taking my side. This was the ultimate THS comics I had ever read, Raj comics really put their heart and soul into this issue and it showed! This is one of the personal experiences I cannot forget, and it will always sit comfortably in the corner of my mind.

There was even a time when I was very scared after reading a very scary THS comics called "Chumgadad". I went to sleep that same night and all I could see was the Chumgadad (Giant bat) flying around in my dreams, trying to get me! I woke up shaking and sweating. I did not waste a second and I rushed to my parents bed. I felt the comfort and security, as I lay between my mom and dad. It was amazing how Raj comics managed to scare the reader with their artwork and story lines. This was a art, a skill....not mastered by many at that time. That was also quite a near death experience for me (hehe). My janoon for this series even went over my head. It made me steal (gulp), Yes, It even made me steal...can you believe it!? What does a child like me needed, A comic book and I was willing to do anything for it. I had lost my most beloved THS issue called "Chamgadad" and I found out that my nebhiour (also a comics fan) had that issue. My nebhiour had a younger brother, I was friends with this crazy kid. I made a deal with him that If he steals me that issue, I will buy him candy. I knew it was wrong, But my demons out witted my angels. The victory seemed to sweet to a kid like me, Even If it meant letting my morals loose for one time. Eventually, I had my success and he had his...poor child! But guess what? I was so clumsy as a kid, I lost that same issue in few days. In fact, I had lost 80% of my THS issues just by damaging them or misplacing them.

I remember when the price of comics hiked from R.6 to R.8, It created a great confusion for me and my parents. I could not forget this one story, I was going to my after school tuition session and my mother gave me 10 rupees to purchase a comics on the way. I knew I will be late for my tution, But for me, Comics always came first...everything last. I went to my local shop and purchased the issue "Bhayanak Kutta" in THS, The issue said R.6 on it, But I ended up giving R.8 to the shop keeper. I remember I stuffed the comic in my bag in a hurry and rushed to my tuition, I was already 5 minutes late and I was waiting for the (well deserved) punishment. As I arrived there, My tuition teacher gave me the beating of my life...and I took it like a man! But you know what? To me, as a THS fan, The pain was nothing, The beating was every bit worth it! Even then, I could not focus on my tuition, I was constantly looking inside my Bag, trying to get a glimpse of the comic's artwork. When I came back home, My mother demanded the change back from me, Because The price tag said R.6 and I had paid R8 to the shop keeper. I did not want to feel embarrassed, So I told her that I purchased candy with rest of the money and she gave me a good spanking. As the years went by, Collecting THS comics and losing them became a hobby, until Raj comics closed the series down in 1995. I was heart broken, They forced me to read other substitutes such as Anthony series and Hauu series and they just did not have the same feel, I felt as if I had lost something important! But What could I do? I have been looking for a answer to the question to why Raj comics stopped my dear THS series? I have never felt to hurt in my life. I never would have known, Until I read the green page in one of the new THS issues. This explained everything and I felt that Raj comics had taken the right step. I am also thankful to RC for reviving this series and bringing it back for the hardcore fans. By this, you can tell that Sanjay ji respects its fan base and they are willing to bring back their favorite series in all its glory.

Now lets leave the past behind and move along to the present. In 2005, sitting in my house, reminisce on the past and the memories, I was wondering If I will ever see these old THS issues again, Because what I had left In India, My grandparents had given away to the poor kids. Sometimes I felt so emotional, that i wished I could go back in time and turn all my wrongs to right. I wish I never lost my THS issues, I wish I had preserved them properly. But it was all too late, there was no point in going back to the past. But as a human, you never let go of those dear memories, you still create alternate realities in your mind and wished they were true. In this respect, I was on the low, So I opened up the Raj comics website, I posted on the forums, sharing my experience with the other janooni friends, hoping to leave the painful past behind me. I was the one who created the thread called "What is your favorite Thrill horror comic?". Then one day I decided to open up Ebay India and search for Raj comics and to my surprise, Raj comics had set of 39 Thrill Horror comics up for sale. I danced in joy and It did not take long for me to hit the "Buy it now" Button. I cannot explain the wave of happiness which swept over me, It was as If, I had found my lost treasure. As Scientists are amazed by their big discoveries, This was my big discovery. I was very emotional at that time...reliving my days of innocence. Infact, The Thrill horror Suspense series is so damn amazing, that it inspired my brother to learn Hindi in order to read these comics. I would like to let you know, My young brother is a next generation child and he is into Manga and other English comics, But when he saw the THS comics, He was very amused by it. So he went on the internet and began to study Hindi alphabet day by day. He began to read basic Hindi words within one week of practice. I could not believe it, It was truly a amazing experience as he read the Hindi text out loud to me. This proved that motivation and person's will can prove to do wonders! As the years went by, I made friends with Janooni fans like Parijat, Karan, Mady, Suraj, Bunty, Anu, Shasid, Arun ji and among others. In my struggle to complete my THS collection, Parijat gave me a huge helping hand by purchasing old THS comics from his local shop and sending them to me. I mean love him for that, Any said positive remarks or words cannot do justice to my feelings for Parijat. He was a god sent for a fan like me, and I respect him for all he did for me! I also cannot forget to thank Karan, Shasid, Anu, Bunty, Arun ji and Mady. They helped me collect many old Raj comics, They are all amazing people, Much respect to all of these gem of friends!

I have many little memories to share, But If I did, I would end up writing a entire essay on it. But I let my heart bleed in the form of these words and presented youwith my most dear memories. I grew up with this series and it holds a special place in my heart, It's not the memories, But also the strong substance which Raj comics use to deliver in the past. It was not just the amazing stories and the artwork, It was Raj comics' Janoon, which made me a huge fan of this series. No matter what comics I purchased in Raj comics, It was worth everything to me. There are many few "Thrill Horror Suspense" fans out there and I am one of them. Many fans generalize on the quality of this series based on the sub-standard new issues, But I request that they go back and read all the old gems and understand what THS series truly was. Although Raj comics are working very hard to bring back that flavor, I feel that they will never succeed in fully getting this series on track. Because the beauty of this series lies in its simplicity! The artwork was simple, yet effective, and the stories were not long, But they were also quite deep. Nowadays, more emphasis is given to special effects and longer story plots, with moderate success . I hope to see a bright future for this series, Until then...good night my people. To all the Janooni fans, Heartfelt thanks for keeping Raj comics alive and well. And for the pirates, just remember, If Raj comics are not there day after tomorrow, and you are wondering what happened, Look in the mirror, and you will find the answer to your question. God bless!
Sep 05

Love and Criticisms for my Idol Nagraj!

Posted by Ajay_D in Untagged 


Raj comics...Raj comics...Raj comics.....Same damn name stuck in his head for the last several decades! Look at him, Eyes closed and babbling Raj comics' name in his dreams! I had it with him thinking about Raj comics all the time...even nearing the stopping him! These Raj comics' memories have been circling his mind non-stop! I had it....

Hey Wake up! Wake up you fool....
*Who are you?*
"I am the spirit which lives within you....In your last moments, I have finally decided to show myself!
Now...Na..Na...don't look at the ones who are looking back at you! Listen to me, because this is the only chance I might have to find the answer for the question "Why!."

"Why?? Well, WHY can't you bury Raj comics in the bottomless pits of your mind! You are stuck on your last breath and you still can't seem to give this up my friend....Damn It has been many years since they left....after the internet pirates cleared them out of buisness!"
*It's a long story....Where Can I Start...It's in me man!*

"Well....all your memories are about to be wiped out of your mind, as soon as your power supply hits zero...You will lose everything you have, everything you lived for, everything you remember! So better start yapping now...Why do you embrace them!"
"Well, let me start from the Top, I remember the first time when my Father bought me a comic called "Khoni Khoj" of my super hero Nagraj, It was my first comic, and I was maybe 5, embracing my innocent childhood, flipping the pages, adoring the artwork. I don't even remember how long ago that was, it has been ages.Well, I could not read at that point, It was my imagination which helped me visualize the story plot by looking at the pictures. Many years went by....Nagraj became a idol. I truly admired his courage, His mission to wipe out the terrorism from the face of earth. I loved everything about him, If there was a new issue on the market, I had to have it! Many kids tried to trade me diamond comics, toys for Nagraj comics, But they never got lucky with the trade! Well,You can say, That Nagraj was like a life supply for me, My Life seemed very empty without him."

But There were so many other publications at that time, Why only Raj comics?

"Well....look at it this way! When you find new friends, Do you forget your first best friend!? When you watch other sports, do you forget Cricket? When you see many different religions, do you forget your own? Raj comics were like a "best friend" and everything else for a innocent kid like me. They kept me motivated throughout my childhood years. They gave a kid the super heroes he will never forget...a unique life long experience. This helped me form a life time emotional connection with Raj comics...which will most likely....break in pieces today...."

Well, I am hearing nothing but good things, But was there a time, When Raj comics let you down? Was there a time, When you felt some anger towards Raj comics?
"Well, Raj comics publications is run by humans, and as humans, we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are forgiven, But some mistakes will haunt you for rest of your life. Some Mistakes are small, Some mistakes are big. In this respect, Raj comics had made some mistakes throughout their career, and I must admit, They have made many mistakes with the dear Nagraj series. There were mistakes, which left me very upset! I will try to breakdown the cons and negative aspects. This is going to hurt my heart, But I will speak my mind for the truth's sake!

As I already pointed out, I left reading Nagraj in 1995 and returned to Raj comics in 2004. I did not get to experience the whole "Mahanagar" plot change in Nagraj series. I had the mentality that Nagraj was still going against the evil terrorists of the world. I came across a online Nagraj comics called "Nahi Bachaga Nagraj" on the old Raj comics site and It left me in a shock! The first thing that hit me was the artwork, To tell you the truth, I thought the Artwork was very degrading, with bright childish look, cute bubbly looking characters. I was not aware that the artwork was done by Mr Anupam Sinha. I read the story and I could not believe what I just read. It was completely opposite from what I was expecting. I was expecting my heroic Warrior, going against some powerful foe, like the earlier issues. But here, I was seeing Nagraj fighting a dum looking nameless Robot, trying to Save some fat kid's life (He was Sulu BTW!). This was pathetic, It turned me off, I became very upset over what this series had become. I was so out of my mind, that I even tried to take this comics as a joke. But I quickly learned that this is what Nagraj series had become.

I mean, Nagraj forgetting his mission of clearing the world from terrorism and choosing life of a reporter, Does this sound like Nagraj to you? In his first comics, Nagraj took the word that he will fight terrorism and until then, He will not rest! By converting Nagraj in a haste, not only Raj comics have created a huge loophole, But it also brings down the respect and credibility of Nagraj in general. I could have perfectly understood, If Raj comics had made this change in slow process, including events, which would eventually change the way Nagraj would think. But this change was made just after "Khajana" series and It seemed too sudden, too unexceptionable for Nagraj to turn away from his mission due to some small cause. I was not satisfied! This was the major change which hurt my heart, But there were many mistakes which I did not like.

I ordered the complete Nagraj set from Ebay India in 2006 and I Started reading this series from scratch. When I started reading the "Post Khajana" Nagraj issues, something Hit me hard. Let me put it in perspective-Nagraj living in a city, Alter ego as a naive TV reporter, wearing thick glasses. A alter ego of a hero with no face mask. It makes me say, "hello Clark Kent, I mean...Raj!". But seriously, Out of all major RC super heroes, Nagraj was given the weakest and most predictable alter ego. Does this make sense to you? If Parmanu can be a loyal police officer, Shakti a hospital nurse, Doga a body builder, Why couldn't Raj comics think of a better and yer original alter ego for our hero Nagraj. This was result of poor planing as I see it!

Well, Speaking of poor planing, The writer created many unexpected changes in Nagraj's mentality after the Khajana series ended. Nagraj's loyalty changed for no apparent reason. For example, Nagraj use to praise "Baba Gorknath" for his guidance, Then he started to praise "Dev Kaaljayai" out of the blues. It was as If, all the sudden, Nagraj realized that "Dev Kaljayai" is much more relevant then his long time mentor "Baba Gorknath". Does this makes sense to you? Nagraj dumping his old "guru" In favor of a new guru, who has a strong connection to the "Nag jati". I would call this "Discrimination" on Nagraj's part, But I say it's Ignorance on the writer's part. And then there was the supposed swearing by Nagraj for not killing any living being. This would have been relevant, But the problem is that the writer never showed Nagraj taking such vows in any issue up to date. It would have been nice, If the writer actually made a milestone issue in the series, Where some major event Occurs In Nagraj's life and he decides not to kill anyone ever again, But it was not so. All this seemed like a poor attempt at placing Nagraj above all heroes, In terms of his moral values. In realizing these flaws, the reader can safely generalize that Mr. Anupam Sinha read very little knowledge about Nagraj's past. Because in my perspective, If he read the Nagraj Saga, These mistakes would have never occurred. Also, It makes some sense that Nagraj decides to spare humans, But why did he chose to spare monsters/creatures who try to end his life. In many countless issues, Nagraj would rather face life threatening situations, then put that evil foe to the ground. Ahem, I think the writer went to over the top with this thing.

Other major weakness is the intimate relationship of Nagraj. If you thought Vinay (Parmanu) and Bhokal had the most complicated intimate relationship, then you better think again my friend. The biggest player in Raj comics circle is without a doubt Nagraj. First he falls in love with vispari, and he was unable to merry her. After, Nagraj leaves vispari to live with a stranger woman called "Bharti" and he marries her in nagayan. Then some "Nagrani" comes from the another demansion and becomes Nagraj's baby's mother. If this did not complicate things, Raj comic's tried to show Nagraj in a affair with saudhagi on "I Love you" trading cards in late 1990s. Now if you think about it, that's 4 ladies Nagraj had some type of affair with. No, we are not done here, ahem...remember the random ladies in Nagraj's world tour series (new and old). It's good to see Nagraj getting lucky, But the question is of credibility and respect, and this fact hurts Nagraj in both terms. Speaking of this, The relationship between Nagraj and Bharti never grew or advanced further. I mean, come on, They both live together, work together, and they still act like they did in earlier issues. The theory of "two beings staying close and falling in love" does not seem relevant here, another major loophole in the series. Yes, Nagraj's first love was vispari, But times have changed my friend, You are living a single life with a woman who loves you to death!

Now going back to the Alter ego arguement I made earlier, Have you ever considered that Nagraj is to Raj comics, what Superman is to "DC comics"? No, I am not talking about his status, What I am taking about is Nagraj's super powers. This is another one of his major weaknesses. Raj comics have granted so many super powers to Nagraj, That there seems to be no real challenge left for him to concer. If you think about it, He is the character with most super powers in the Raj comics universe. The writer had considered no balance, when introducing these new powers to us and it shows in later issues. Its apparent when Nagraj clears his foes without breaking a sweat! A very lucky fellow, considering Doga and Dhruva have 1/20 of what he has! The craze of showing Nagraj in superior status is not a new one. Actually, Raj comics attempted to prove this fact in the earlier stages of Nagraj series, with the release of "Nagraj aur Jadugaar Shakura". In the comics, Mr. Sanjay Gupta (at that time "Raja") showed Nagraj saving three major super heros named Superman, Spiderman and Batman from some alien being called "Jadugar Shakura". Nagraj managed to defeat Jadugar Shakura with flying colors, The foe who brought a super power like "Superman" to his knees. Superman is nearly immortal, He is far more powerful then Nagraj in actual fact, and yet Nagraj was shown as a far superior being....having no equals! This is what I call "Glamorization" of Nagraj, and It worked like a charm back in the days.

Another heart breaking aspect of post 1995 Nagraj series is the lack of original villains. In countless issues, Nagraj has been facing his uncle "NagPhasha", who apparently acquired "Immortality", So he cannot be killed. In spite of keeping the series fresh and interesting, The writer must create new and interesting villains, But this is not the case with Nagraj. In fact, Raj comics have dragged this foe in so many series, that Fans are starting to complain about it. If this was not enough, Raj comics also managed to drag "Guru Dev" and the infamous "Nagina" in countless issues over the years. It would make sense If the writer lacked imagination, But we are talking about Mr.Anupam Sinha here, the imagination power house. He gave us such amazing plots, Why couldn't he give us some unforgettable baddies. Personally, I can't stand "Nagina", I am very glad that shes dead in Nagayan! I know she will be back...But at least we are safe to know that she gets what she deserves in the not so distinct future.

Speaking of "Characters", Anyone noticed another downgrade in the recent Nagraj issues. Yes, I am talking about the so called "Chota Nagraj", He has been stealing the spotlight from Nagraj lately. What is this all about? Raj comic's over looking It's main icon, and giving more priority to the newly introduced characters in the series. I first met this character in "Chota Nagraj", which, quite honestly, was a great comics at the time. But then the success of this comics pushed Chota Nagraj to his popularity among readers and Raj comics decided to work this same formula for the next several issues. There was not balance in these comics at all. The writer portrayed "Chota Nagraj" as a superior character, The proof can be found in "Bhanumati ka Pitara", were our kiddo Nagraj supposdly saves Nagraj from the dark powers! This type of plot treatment works for new readers, But for long term fans like me, I cannot swallow the fact that a mini Nagraj is here to steal the Number one spot from my Nagraj. Thankfully, This is hardly the case in the new Nagraj stories, I am glad Raj comics saw it my way.

Other aspect of post Khajana comics that bothered me was the artwork. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Anupam Sinha is a great artist, But he does not do justice to Nagraj like Pratap Mullik ji did. Nagraj looks like he has been taking "Steroids" and hitting the gym for 3 hours a day. His figure is too bulk for my liking, He did not look like the Nagraj I remember. I know that many fans have no problem with this, But I much prefer the old style Nagraj-less bulky in physical appearance, But still a unstoppable power house. Mr. Anupam Sinha's artwork did not advance with time, So we have been seeing same type of artwork for the last decade in the modern Nagraj series.

Now in conclusion, don't get me wrong, Mr. Anupam Sinha's have delivered us with some unforgettable Nagraj classics, such as the Khajana series, Mahayudh series, and Agraj series. But at the same time, he gave us many fillers. It always seemed that he was more committed to Super Commondo Dhruva and the combo/ multistar comics. I am sure he did not do this on purpose, as he was handling many series at one time. The fact is that many fans felt that it was a superior step to pass Nagraj to Anupam sir, But This change did not satisfy a hardcore fan like me. That is why I am so glad that Raj comics have created a separate "World tour series" for its senior fan base. All in all, did not mean to sound overly negative, I am glad Raj comic's had the ability to satisfy the masses with the right decisions, and I am sure they will continue to do so. Now I am done criticizing the modern Nagraj series, It's time to move on to my I will tell you what I love about it! Let me start off back in 1989.....

Wake up! Wake up! Ajay....Wake up!
Look at him, laying on the floor...uttering nonsense! Must have hurt himself pretty bad!

What...happened? I thought I am about to die, I was talking to my inner spirit about Raj comics!
Where is my inner spirit!?

These comics have really gotten to your head son, You were rushing to the door to receive your prize comics from your friend mohit and the next thing I know, you tripped and hit you head on the wall! I heard a big thud...I came rushing! you were unconscious for little while, babbling stuff about Nagraj. What was that about???
Nothing Mom, I was just taking a trip down the memory lane, I am glad to be back!
Now next time, you are not going to rush to the door, let me handle it! Foolish boy!

 Note:I won the "Burra Bhala" Raj comics Contest with this Entry, I hope you enjoyed it!

Sep 05

Bankelal:Lost his Charm!

Posted by Ajay_D in Untagged 

My dear friends, I am a janooni fan like all of you and I have no hate for any particular series in Raj comics. This is why I did not make a simple choice. In fact, I am about to review the "New Bankelal" series for my worst series pick. I think most of us will agree that new Bankelal series is one of the biggest "flop" we have ever seen in Raj comics history. If this will hurt anyone's feelings (sorry Amit bro) then I am truly sorry, But what I am about say is from my experience and the emotions. I hope Sanjay ji will take note on my comments and improve Bankelal. Unlike many fans, I did not grow up with Bankelal, In fact I never read single Bankelal comics in my life until recently. In all my honestly, I was never into comedy comics as a child and I was never Interested in this character called "Bankelal". Contrary to the stereotype, I was the Kid who looked up to Super heroes and powerful comic legends. This was the reason why I never turned to any Indian "comedy" characters. I wanted a hero, who would entertain me with his super powers and action moves, rather then funny one liners.

There were characters like "Crookbond", who had decent physical appearance, But we are talking about Bankelal here. A skinny, weak, and scrony character with no stand out physical features. This is not the type of role model a kid like me would prefer to grew up with. In fact i even envied Super Commondo DHruva for his childish appearance over our Tough looking "Nagraj", So naturally Banke stood no chance in making place in my heart. I denied reading Banke till my adult age. It was in 2006, with the emergence of the Raj comics forum, then I was able to get some positive feedback regarding this series. I was amused when fans called it "one of the best comedy series in Raj comics!". Now, there was a strong urge, a will to read this series in all its glory. I remember I purchased the Bankelal set from Raj comics site after getting my hands on Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva and Thrill horror suspense sets first. This set included the initial 15 issues and many issues from 2000-2006. Although the set was not complete, I was more then pleased to get my hands on what remained in their stock. I read the first 15 re-printed comics of bankelal. This proved to be quite a amazing reading experience. The plot setup, the characters, the artwork, the atmosphere created by bedi ji, It all came together perfectly.

After I finished reading the old issues, I turned to the newer issues. As I turned the pages to view the artwork, It did not look all that pleasing to me. In fact, The artwork in the newer issues, looked far worst then the artwork in the older Bankelal issues. That was my first disappointment, then as I slowly continued to struggle through these new issues, I noticed the over usage of the comedy remarks such as "hehe" "Buhuhu" and "Grrrr". I was really turned off by this, Because it only made the story more monotonous, rather then compliment it. In simple terms, almost all text balloons were haunted by annoying "he hes". I mean, to be quite real, the older issues hardly used this kind of gimmick and they still proved to be a enjoyable read. So, what made Raj comics turn this fun series to a predictable, gimmick infested marathon? I cannot answer this question to this day!

To my surprise, Downsize did not stop there. The concept as a whole, was milked to death! Our bankelal has tried to kill the king for the last 20 something years, and in light of proper logic, one would think he would stop. But Raj comics have served us with this same concept for the last decade, a rather stale one. If any writer in his/her right mind was running out of appropriate story concepts and ideas, They would go and try to create new ones. But Raj comics had to work this so called "try to become Raja and fail" concept to its core, so that it stripped the series of all its respect. It turned many readers into haters. The ones who grew up with Banke had some emotional connection, But casual readers would be quickly turned off by the repetitive story plots and the dry humor.

The cast did not advance or grow either, Raj comics always dealing with same old characters. In fact, I cannot remember the last time when a interesting character was introduced in bankelal series. If my memory serves me right, It was "labaddin" the hectic poem writer in "Pecha paada Bhaloo". This was the only interesting main character introduced in this series and even then, Raj comics did not make any interesting use of him. This character had lots of potential, But he was never given enough attention to begin with. I also remember in recent comics called "Jalyash" a "pappad wala" character is introduced, But lets see what kind of treatment he receives in the future issues.

These are not the only weaknesses in the new Bankelal series, To put a another nail in the coffin, The new stories are just too confusing. In order to create a the complex plots, Raj comics will mix up many sub-plots in the story, this creates a great deal of confusion for the reader. For example, While I was reading issues like "Shivji ki barat" and "Ulta yog", I was confused out of my damn mind. The existence of countless sub-plots in the story made me wonder, What is going on here? I was forced to go back and carefully examine all sequences in order to make sense of things. This is how you are forced to make sense out of the new plot, otherwise you will be left wondering-Where is this going!? This series is primarily aimed for younger readers, So naturally Raj comics should be keeping things simple as possible...but.

In my last point, the lack of clever comedy is the other major weakness here. Actually Raj comics were never too creative in their comedy (exception of Anupam ji), They relied on clever storyline for the success of early Bankelal issues.So when the interesting story ideas have run out, there is nothing to the rescue. So no matter how hard they try to make us laugh and giggle with their dry jokes, There will be little to no success. I have never had a giggle, let alone a laugh! A comedy series, Which fails at comedy...what a disaster!

In the end, I don't want to be too negative regarding Bankelal. I did enjoy some issues of the 21 century. uhem..."Few" is the keyword here folks. But I feel that Raj comics have truly lost their lead with Banke, I feel its time to give Banke the much needed "vacation" until there something better for him! In this present time, Bankelal series is nothing more then a joke in itself (isn't that ironic?). Sanjay ji, Please let Banke go with the little respect that he has left, before hes completely stripped of it. I hope I did not go too hard on him, But I had to let my emotions speak. If anyone is offended, I am truly sorry. Thanks for reading!
Jul 09

Doing too much...too soon!?

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Raj comics planned Raj-20 side character series, They also planned a 11 comics set for the summer vacation. But it has been over 35 days, and no new comics in site. I don't know why Sanjay ji is keen on trying too much with limited resources and time. I would have happily waited for this so called "Raj-20" series, if they just released this set without it, on proper date and time! Do you see what I am trying to point out?


We don't want such series, If it will take this long to read each set! I rather have a regular set, with no delay or relapse. I am very disappinted. This is very poor planing, Sanjay ji needs to make a plan before attempting things like this. I remember Manoj comics use to release 16 comics for each Summer vacation set, and it came out on time. Not only this, But also the stories were all superb! Nowadays, you wait for a big set, What do you get? good plots mixed with sub-par plots. 

Jun 27

Lack of Satisfaction in New Raj comics!

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Hello readers,

 Raj comics claims that they are trying to deliver the best, In most parts, It is true, Raj comics' hard work is seen in many series in recent months. But....

I feel that the new Raj comics are truly lacking in story satisfaction. What I mean is simple, after you finish the comic, you will think that there was something missing in the comic. This is not a problem with one particular series, all series have the same problem. Here are some examples-

Jun 17

Nagraj old general issues will not be printed.....

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Nagraj old general issues will not be printed.....

Confirmed by Sanjay ji-

The old general issues of Nagraj which are all currently out of stock in online store will not be printed on paper anymore. Raj comics plans to slowly convert them to E-comics and upload em to the Online store. So if your looking for hardcopies of nagraj.....You may want to visit Raj comics store right away, because they still have limited copies there for local customers.

Unfortunate...But true! This news also leaves little hope for any Doga reprints.
Apr 03

Just for fun blog!!

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Hi guys,

 This blog is made just for fun, meaning they are not meant to be taken seriously.

Note:These are not my personal viewpoints, What I listed below is intended for entertainment matter only.