Code: SPCL-0041-H
Pages: 64
ISBN: 9789332406810
Language: Hindi
Colors: Four
Author: Anupam Sinha
Penciler: Anupam Sinha
Inker: Vinod Kumar
Colorist: N/A
Paper: Plain
Condition: Fresh
Price: Printed
Rs. 50.00
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Description Kankaltantra is a fierce warrior who travels across the ages and challenges its undisputed champion warrior to a duel! And he comes to Raj Nagar to challenge Dhruv, but to his dismay Dhruv has been murdered under mysterious circumstances! The news of Dhruv's death has been suppressed in the media. With every super villain claiming to have killed Dhruv it is difficult to find the truth! Kankaltantra has summoned a conclave of super villains to ascertain the identity of the super villain who managed to conquer Dhruv! Kankaltantra has analyzed that there existed eight super villains who could have killed Dhruv. He personally invites them to the conclave with Grand Master Robo being the last entrant! Kankaltantra, promises vast amount to the super villain responsible for Dhruv's death! The eight participants to this conclave were Dhwani Raj, Chandakal, Suprema, Bauna Vaman, Dr. Virus, Chumba, Black Cat and Grand Master Robo! Kankaltantra has appointed Biotron a robot with advanced artificial intelligence to examine the claims of these super villains! With a greedy intent, each super villain claims to have killed Dhruv in the most bizarre fashion. The super villain had to pace penetrative questions from Biotron who was punching holes in their testimony! The first testimony was that of Dhwani Raj who claimed to have killed Dhruv at the space training center. So is he destined to be crowned as the super villain and rule the world? Or is it one of the other villains who shall bask in glory? Read this thrilling inquest exclusively on Raj Comics!
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Monday, 26 May 2014
one of the best series of dhruva isme court mein dhruva ki maut ki gawahi dete hai uske saare villains story suspence se bharpur hai artwork bhi all time classic hai a must have for all dhruva fans
Kamal Satyani
Sunday, 09 February 2014
dhruva is killed and a court has been set up to find the killer to whom a reward will be given. very good comics with different short stories. a must buy.