Code: SPCL-0130-E
Pages: 96
ISBN: 0000000000000
Language: English
Colors: Four
Author: Jolly Sinha
Penciler: Anupam Sinha
Inker: Manu, Vinod Kumar, Dilip Chaubey
Colorist: N/A
Rs. 50.00
Description Crime rules in Mumbai which is considered a haven for extortionists, murderers and organized crime! But Doga is a one man army who dares to stand up against them. Doga clashed with the goons of Chota Haji gang in a graveyard. Little did he know that an ancient evil lay buried in this graveyard for centuries. In the violence that followed this evil force gained strength and was able to set himself free from his captivity! Doga attacked the mysterious menace in the most savage way possible, but that only seemed to strengthen the evil creature! This mysterious evil transforms a bat into a monster and assigns the monster to steal a pearl from a monastery. At that precise moment Dhruv foiled a robbery attempt at the monastery. He was amazed to find one of the robbers trapped by the pearl. Dhruv had a prolonged conversation with the high priest of the monastery who happened to be the custodian of the pearl. He told him that the pearl warded of evil spirits. The monster inflicted grievous wounds to the high priest and stole the pearl. Dhruv fought valiantly but was unable to stop the monster from stealing pearl. A very powerful evil force has awakened and is poised to fulfill his desire of ruling this earth. Hell is about to break loose an earth. Will Dhruv and Doga prevent the end of days? Enjoy a battle for survival of mankind exclusively on Raj Comics!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014
I already wrote a review for the story & artwork for the Hindi edition. So lets focus on the difference. The idea of tanslating some really good comic books to english is an aeriable attemt from RC. However, they should try to maintain the same themetics and not indulge into literal translations. It is good though almost all the times, only thing is the dialogues (esp Doga ke bhari-bharkam dialogues) lost some essence and effectiveness in the process. Apart from that, If you do like to consider reading an epic battle in english, It is totally recommended.
Ankur Kaushik