Monday, October 05, 2015
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Jul 09

Doing too much...too soon!?

Posted by: Ajay_D

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Raj comics planned Raj-20 side character series, They also planned a 11 comics set for the summer vacation. But it has been over 35 days, and no new comics in site. I don't know why Sanjay ji is keen on trying too much with limited resources and time. I would have happily waited for this so called "Raj-20" series, if they just released this set without it, on proper date and time! Do you see what I am trying to point out?


We don't want such series, If it will take this long to read each set! I rather have a regular set, with no delay or relapse. I am very disappinted. This is very poor planing, Sanjay ji needs to make a plan before attempting things like this. I remember Manoj comics use to release 16 comics for each Summer vacation set, and it came out on time. Not only this, But also the stories were all superb! Nowadays, you wait for a big set, What do you get? good plots mixed with sub-par plots. 


Well, To get to my point, Sanjay ji please stop trying too much, with little consistancy! I rather have you work on the basics first, before you jump the boat! It was thrilling to see all these new series planned out, But now that I see the delay...I say, Why bother! No deadlines, No dates, No consistancy! So there is no point in all this AT ALL! It just leaves summer vacations lifeless!