Tuesday, October 06, 2015
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Jun 27

Lack of Satisfaction in New Raj comics!

Posted by: Ajay_D

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Hello readers,

 Raj comics claims that they are trying to deliver the best, In most parts, It is true, Raj comics' hard work is seen in many series in recent months. But....

I feel that the new Raj comics are truly lacking in story satisfaction. What I mean is simple, after you finish the comic, you will think that there was something missing in the comic. This is not a problem with one particular series, all series have the same problem. Here are some examples-


Rakt Pipasu-Yeah the plot was very nice, and the suspense was amazing. But the writer just could not maintain the plot satisfaction for the reader, I felt that there could have been more in the story.


Amar Prem-No satisfaction...I feel totally cheated. The writer simply cannot deliver decent plot, let alone the satisfaction factor.


Expressway-Again, lacking that Doga's janooni satisfaction that fans of Doga love. I read both parts and i could not help but miss the old Doga, The Doga we cherished. Nowadays, Doga has become a sellout. A sellout to forced ideas and concepts. Doga Hindu hai is the worst story till date. I mean read "Doga ki gado", There were riots in this issue, But damn story was so janooni...it was Doga at his best!


Akhiri Dhruva and Dhruvashisya-Again same problem, Writer could not deliver the satisfying goods. Even in 2 60 part issues, Anupam ji failed to deliver the excitment. There just wasn't anything new for the reader...so many fans, Like me, felt no real satisfaction. 


 Pratham Bhokal/Yodha-Well starting issues were decent, The concept was great, But then again....no full satisfaction. I felt that the writer could have put in more plot and interesting events. The issues ended to soon. 


 But don't get me wrong, There were several series which were superb and Raj comics should take note from these series and learn their mistakes.


For example, The the Nagayan series (Varan-kand to Samar-kand), Nikal padha doga series, and Numro Uno series of Nagraj provided real satisfaction and feeling of completetion within the reader. It felt like, the writer truly acommpolished something amazing with the plot. The reader can feel this in the story!


I don't know what is causing this, Maybe the comics need more distinct and interesting plot ideas, maybe the writer needs to develop more interesting sequences, maybe the characters need more work, maybe the writer simply needs to give more story in the comic! What ever may be the case....I think this is the biggest weakness I see in New Raj comics nowadays. Please Sanjay ji, Do something....