Monday, October 05, 2015
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Customer Testimonials

BIbek Basnet told us:
It was quite pleased that I received my order of 65 comics within 6 days i.e. 4 business days after my payment was received and I had not expected that even delivering of order in my country NEPAL would be so fast from other country(INDIA)....This quickness is really appreciable and packaging was FINE and I also liked the POSTERS, MAGNETIC STICKERS and OTHER STICKERS that came as a gift along with comics. Since about a decade I was not accessible to COMICS due to my higher studies and rare availability of RC in KATHMANDU..Before that I used to be a great fan of DHRUVA's comics and of great creative person ANUPAM SINHA and there used to be huge demand of DHRUVA's comics here. A grand comics culture was there in NEPAL and though other publications like MANOJ, DIAMOND, RADHA etc. were present, RC used to be dominant and was in high demand. We had to book in advance if any new comics set of DHRUVA or NAGRAJ was forth coming and new comics set used to sell in no time..NOW scenario is different and due to less marketing by RAJ COMICS and DISTRIBUTION weakness new generation in KATHMANDU is less familiar with RAJ COMICS though their quality is quite high and esp. older comics are simply brilliant. Though many friends who used to be comics fan still wants to read and buy those comics but they do not have access. Only few is aware about ONLINE STORE. If good marketing of WEBSITE is done then I am sure lot of purchases will be done here from KATHMANDU. Finally, I am 200% satisfied with ONLINE store services including customer care services via email by sales team and request other fans to fetch comics through this mean. I got so pleased that I immediately placed by second order after receiving my order and this time I am ordering almost double Quantity than FIRST order...GREAT SERVICE== RAJ COMICS

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