Friday, November 28, 2014
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Customer Testimonials

Vikas told us:
This was my first online purchase from Raja pocket books. I used to read the comic years back. In those days,we used to read comics on rent from our pocket money. We could read a comic in 25/50 paisa for a day. I remember, I used to get mad about any new comic or new set just to get it and read it as early as possible. I am a big fan of Nagraj & SCD. Any comic with these 2 superstars is always a treat to read. I am sure those were the golden days for every comic fan. Its like a dream come true by reading these comics again and I would like to thank Raja pocket books for making these dreams a reality. I got my order delivered after 4 days of booking through First Flight courier and very much satisfied with the delivery. I was delighted to have comics in my hand after years. All the comics were in great condition and nicely packed. Overall I would like to give 5 stars for the service. It was like re-living your childhood by reading the comics once again. I am a great fan of Raj comics and used to read every comic of every set. I am enjoying every comic of my favorite superstar after many years. But, now I am back in business :) I will continue to purchase the comics and enjoy them.