Code: GENL-0337-H
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9788184917437
Language: Hindi
Colors: Four
Author: Raja
Penciler: Surendra Suman
Paper: Plain
Condition: Old Stock
Price: Stickered
Rs. 30.00


Tuesday, 18 February 2014
Its very good comic artwork is average
Prince Jindal
Sunday, 09 February 2014
In a line,its a good story with a better artwork.
Rajal Sharma
Tuesday, 27 March 2007
Series:Thrill Horror Suspense Writer:Raja Cover:pratap Milik Artist:Shurainder Suman Edit:Manish Gupta Story:A group of men rush inside a kabristan. There goal is to obtain the gold that is hidden inside the kabristan by one of their untrust worthy friend. In search for the gold, they dig many graves, but find nothing. But suddenly they see a sadhu in maditaton, his body was buried in the ground, only his face was visable to them. The men think that the gold is hidden under the sadhu. They cut the sadhu's neck and they dig his body out of the ground. Then they dig the ground where he was in, but they still find nothing. But they see a one grave with gold sign on it, they dig it and finally find the gold. But its too late, the sadhu's spirit comes to life and calls all the dead to come to life. The 5 men are killed one by one in the kabristan by the zombies and the spirits. Then after the towns people inform the priest that the dead have come to life, then the priest goes in the grave yard to sprinkle his holy water. By doing this he puts the undead back to sleep. This is a great THS comics, all elements are here, mind blowing one-4.5/5
Ajaydeep Dhillon
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