Code: GENL-0450-H
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9788184918564
Language: Hindi
Colors: Four
Author: Anupam Sinha
Penciler: Anupam Sinha
Inker: N/A
Colorist: N/A
Paper: Plain
Condition: Old Stock
Price: Stickered
Rs. 30.00
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Description एक षड्यंत्र के तहत नताशा का राज खुला और वो पहुंच गई लॉकअप में! ध्रुब जब इस मामले की छानबीन करने निकला तो वो जा टकराया जिमनास्टिक की उस्ताद एक खतरनाक लेडी फाईटर ब्लैक कैट से! अब ध्रुव कैसे जीत पाएगा उस खतरनाक बला से क्योंकि वो लड़कियों पर हाथ नहीं उठाता!
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Tuesday, 11 February 2014
it was the time when non special comics used to be great too. this comic has several moments where u'll be forced to bite your nails
vivek singh
Sunday, 09 February 2014
story simple hai aur achabhi.dhruv ke life me ek rahashya may shakshiyat ka entry hai.
Sunday, 09 February 2014
Black cat has been one of my most fav chracters from Dhruva's stories. And this adventure is entirely credited to her. She is the ruthless, cunning and an exceptional fighter, makes her a very efficient anti-heroine
Ankur Kaushik
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