Code: GENL-0717-H
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9789332401235
Language: Hindi
Colors: Four
Author: Sanjay Gupta, Tarun Kumar Wahi
Penciler: Manu
Inker: N/A
Colorist: N/A
Paper: Plain
Condition: Fresh
Price: Printed
Rs. 50.00
Description अपनी बीवी को जिन्दा जलाने वाले काले बॉस के पीछे पड़े डोगा को एक नई जिंदगी देकर निकल गई काली विधवा! इधर सूरज की जिंदगी में भी खुशी की बयार लेकर आई एक लड़की सोनिका! जिसे देख कर सूरज को याद आ गई उसकी सोनू! अब मोनिका का क्या होगा जो उसके प्यार में दीवानी बनी बैठी है!


Sunday, 20 October 2013
Two simultaneous plots are going on. One the villain who killed his wife, this story end with the comics when Kali & Doga made him pay what he did. The second plot is bigger and doesn't end with this comics. Sooraj thinks that Sonika (who actually is Kali Vidhwa also) is her lost love and told Monika everything about her but at the same time Monika has some secretes also about why she likes sooraj so much. Which is going on from the time she was introduced. Overall a very good comics which pursue you to read the "I Love You"
Avinash Tiwari
Sunday, 19 August 2012
Second part of Kali Vidhwa continues the tradition of quality, where Suraj believes that Kali Vidhwa (Or Sonika) is his long lost love from his teenage years. At the same time Monica also loves Suraj. There is this effective love triangle going on in the story. Just a great comics all around and must read.
Ajaydeep Dhillon