Code: OTMD-0001-E
Pages: 44
Language: English
Colors: Four
Author: Akshay Dhar, Avik Kumar Maitra
Penciler: Abhijeet Kini, Anant Sagar, Avik
Inker: Abhijeet Kini, Avik Kumar Maitra
Colorist: Abhijeet Kini, Avik Kumar Maitra
Paper: Plain
Condition: Fresh
Price: Printed
Rs. 200.00
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Description Welcome to the worlds Meta Desi new readers! Come dive into this action-packed comic explosion from some of the most talented new creators in Indian comics as they bring you a huge mix of comics to satisfy all your cravings! [PARAGRAPH] Are you a fan ofManga-esque action? Comedy? Fantastic Adventures? Heart-wrenching drama? A dose of Real-life? Well then you definitely need to give this highly experimental new anthology series a try – get SEVEN brand-spanking new comics for the price of one!


Tuesday, 09 September 2014
Well, the very first book from the house of meta desi- a new indie publisher of India. and with its first book having such fun filled stories i am sure its going to become a big one sometime soon. Stories are the main attractions for the book, artwork is just supporting it... i mean artwork is not that GREAT ... but its just fine. stories are short but they surely are touchy and entertaining. second installment has improved a lot. go for it guys.
Tadam Gyadu