Code: OTCC-0002-E
Pages: 56
ISBN: 0000000000000
Language: English
Colors: Four
Author: Anirudhho Chakraborty
Penciler: Tamal Saha, Tarun Kumar Sahu
Inker: Tarun Kumar Sahu
Colorist: Aniruddho Chakraborty
Paper: Plain
Condition: Fresh
Price: Printed
Rs. 175.00
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Description VRICA: Dawn of the Wolf, based on one of the bestselling titles from the house of Chariot Comics concludes the first story arc of Team VRICA with an explosive and game-changing climax. The series follows the adventures of Team VRICA, a former Spec-ops unit of the Indian Army as they deal will terrorism, threats on a national and international scale. It also traces the journey of Rohan Dangwal, India's first meta-human super-soldier, as he navigates between his role as a soldier versus his true duty the country.


Tuesday, 04 February 2014
reaaly good one. artwork is cool. tamal saha did a fantastic job. tarun's art looks stiff but ok. story is really promising. the way things are shown - just loved that. vrica team rocks. must buy
Tadam Gyadu
Saturday, 28 December 2013
An interesting story with futuristic impression.... It has very little inspiration from G.I.Joe (thats my personal opinion)... The best thing was its art.... Its the artwork which made the story better..... but there were few things which i find unacceptable in any condition... A specialized military unit members which were once 100% patriotic & followers of military discipline are now killing govt. officials with no mercy?? I mean thats true that they had been betrayed by the govt but MILITARY COUP IN INDIA???? is this really a good thing to present,,, That rebel military unit took all controls in their hands (including PMO & nuclear strategic command)..... May be i didn't get the story correctly bcoz i didn't read the previous issues but things like killing govt officials & military coups will be highly unacceptable... Young generation of the nation is reading ur books, they have anger in their blood for the failure of political system & current scenario of country... & this story can give birth to another alternative in front of them.... i m sure that this story is not as harmful as i stated above but we are not Pakistan. Chariot Comics should consider my review...... BTW a nice fiction.....
Ashish Kushwaha