Code: DGET-0001-E
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9789332421127
Language: English
Colors: Four
Author: Anupam Sinha
Penciler: Anupam Sinha
Inker: N/A
Colorist: N/A
Paper: Plain
Condition: Fresh
Price: Printed
Rs. 120.00
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Description THE VENGEANCE:Dhruv was born to Radha and Shyam the famed acrobats of Jupiter circus! As a baby he was the cynosure of every artist at Jupiter circus. The animals at Jupiter circus treated him as their best friends and Dhruv could understand and speak their language! He has mastered every trick which his masters had to teach and excelled in acrobat, combat and shooting skills! But sinister designs are hatched to destroy Jupiter circus by the owner of a rival circus! His henchmen burn Jupiter circus into ashes killing everyone excepting Dhruv! Will Dhruv retaliate against the perpetrators of the crime? Dhruv pledges to uphold law and order of the country and swears vengeance on criminals. A gripping story about a teenager transforming into the ultimate crime fighting machine! Witness the birth of a super hero and his battle for justice exclusively on Raj comics. THE ROMAN ASSASIN:On his first professional assignment Dhruv is up against a dangerous foe. An ancient helmet of a roman soldier has been stolen from the museum. The helmet bestowed super natural strength on the person who wore it! The director of the museum housing the helmet has been murdered and the needle of suspicion is hovering on one of the three deputies. Dhruv is in a race against time to stop the killer on a killing spree! Three suspects and a killer on loose! Will Dhruv solve the mystery before it's too late! Read an exciting mystery exclusively on Raj Comics! THE RISE OF MUTANTS:A German scientist invents a procedure to induce mutation and turn humans into savage beasts. But he commits suicide when he discovers that his master Adolph Hitler has committed suicide and his invention lay undiscovered. Years later in a chance encounter Dhruv fights a monster that had undergone mutation! This monster was condemned to death by the leader of their gang for breaking the laws of the mutants! Dhruv begins his investigation in the jungles of Nagu Island. Various monsters await his arrival with anticipation! Dhruv has to wade through a forest guarded by these savage monsters! Will he outwit the savage beasts? Will Dhruv manage to infiltrate their head quarters and find the source of the menace? You will be on the edge of the seat reading this racy adventure exclusively on Raj Comics! THE ANNIHILATION OF THE MUTANTS:A mutant dreams to rule the world. Dhruv dares to challenge the might of the mutant army and manages to infiltrate their headquarters! But the enemy has been fore warned about his arrival and Dhruv is trapped among the mutants! They force him to drink the solution which induces these mutations! Will he met the same fate as the mutants or will a guardian angel protect him? Who is the mysterious figure following Dhruv through out his adventure? Chandika makes her impressive debut in her crusade against the criminals! Meanwhile in a bid to locate Dhruv, Commissioner Rajan leads a team of police commandoes against the army of mutants! How will Dhruv check mate the criminals who are slaughtering the police force with minimum fuss! Watch Dhruv and his friends combat the rampaging mutants and unmasking the man who dreams to rule this planet! Read a gripping adventure presented exclusively by Raj comics. THE DEADLY GAMES:The European team is stealing a lucky coin of a batsman while the Chinese team is stealing frames of rare paintings. The Africans are busy derailing an engine. Rajnagar was witnessing a spate of irrational crimes! Dhruv tries to thwart these criminals in their acts but these crooks made their exit without losing much sweat! Are these crime inter-related? What is the rationale and objective behind committing such weird crimes by international syndicate? Who is the master mind organizing these crime? Can Dhruv succeed in foiling further attempts or will the team with the best result get a bonanza of executing Dhruv? This is the weirdest Olympics of its kind meant for international crooks! A must read! Introducing the greatest adversary of Dhruv exclusively on a Raj Comics publication! SEA MONSTER:A young couple is murdered under mysterious circumstances at a lonely beach. Prof. Patil a marine biologist rubbishes Dhruv's theory of a sea monster responsible for these killings. The police suspect Ratan Bansuria a local smuggler involved in the murder! To make it worse for Ratan Bansuria, the criminals have him implicated and Ratan Bansuria lands up in police custody. But Dhruv believes that is more than what meets the eye. The fisher men swear that a sea monster exists and has been wrecking their boats! Dhruv tries to unearth a covert smuggling operation and solve the mystery of the sea monster by capturing it! But this unusual and savage beast eludes Dhruv twice! Will Dhruv manage to tame the beast and catch up with its cunning master! Solve the mystery with your favorite sleuth presented to you exclusively by Raj Comics.


Tuesday, 17 June 2014
Well i thank rc for this new initiative to translate vintage comics in english . i have recently ordered this i am impressed by the translation by khitish padhy. its high time now to translate more rc specially scd's comics, it will attract all new set of readers who loves to read comics in english. looking forward to more such scd's comics in english . keep up the good work
Rohit Biswas
Thursday, 22 May 2014
I love these comics!
Saturday, 15 March 2014
Again a classic collection of ancient SCD comics in english.
Rajal Sharma
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