Code: DGET-0002-E
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9789332421134
Language: English
Colors: Four
Author: Anupam Sinha
Penciler: Anupam Sinha
Inker: N/A
Colorist: N/A
Paper: Plain
Condition: Fresh
Price: Printed
Rs. 150.00
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Description MYSTERIOUS MOUNTAINS-140_An out burst of Chinar Gul dam inundates the villages in the plains of northern India. INSAT pictures showed an explosion in the Himalayas. Was this explosion the reason behind the rapid melting of ice which in turn caused the flash floods and the wide scale destruction! Dhruv is sent on an investigatory mission in the high terrain of Himalayas! He is attacked by Yati the mystical snowman belonging to a tribe residing in the Himalayas! Dhruv survives the attack and saves the snowman from his enemies resembling aliens. Who are these alien looking creatures? Are these creatures' aliens or is there a sinister plot to destabilize our country? Battling a snowman and aliens at high altitude Dhruv flirts with death to accomplish his mission! Will Dhruv find the cause of the explosion and prevent reoccurrence of the floods? Dhruv reaches out to a new friend who will become provide invaluable support in days to come! Read this fantastic tale of friendship & betrayal, greed & ethics exclusively on Raj comics? GHOST FROM THE PAST-146_The president of Mapal is being haunted by the ghosts of his dead relatives! These occurrences have led to the rapid decline in the president's health. He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Opposition leader Nagfan Bhanderi is an opportunist man who wants to declare the president as mentally ill for electoral gains. Dr Thapa the personal physician to the president was once a close confidant of Nagfan Bhandari! Has he been feeding the president with hallucinogenic drugs? During the course of investigation Dhruv encounters the spirits of his dead parents. A mystic named Kapalik rescues Dhruv from the evil spirits! Does the Kapalik hold the key to their problems? Can Dhruv solve the mystery of the ghosts haunting the president? Watch Dhruv stand up to the super natural forces. Read a spooky adventure of Dhruv exclusively on Raj Comics! OPERATION DESERT STORM-147_A ruthless syndicate is operating in Salmer dealing in heroin. And now it has kidnapped Commissioner Rajan and has kept him as a hostage! Dhruv is on the most dangerous rescue mission he has ever taken! Dhruv volunteers to help the police to rescue Commissioner Rajan. He is aptly supported by the irrepressible Shweta aka Chandika! His farther is in mortal peril while Dhruv is being stalked by a ruthless contract killer who has never failed in his mission. Can Dhruv outwit the syndicate and unmask the leader of this syndicate? Will Dhruv conquer the menace of organized crime and rescue his farther? This thriller is available exclusively on Raj Comics MAHA-MANAV-179_Three member Indian team set to explore arctic pole become prey to a dinosaur. Dhruv has been sent on a rescue plus investigative mission on the arctic pole. Dhruv reaches the arctic pole to find a futuristic man Mahamanav with unmatched mental powers. Mahamanav is all set to bring climatic changes on earth to accelerate evolution of the humans. But that threats to exterminate most of the human race. In a twist to the tale Mahamanav is kidnapped by a dictator to meet his ulterior motives. Can the Mahamanav be tamed? Will Dhruv succeed in averting a catastrophe? Dhruv is pitted against a superior adversary who can read his thoughts. Can Dhruv outwit his enemy in time to save the planet? Read a gripping adventure exclusively on Raj Comics. VOO-DOO-185_Dark arts have come to the fore and Dhruv has been checkmated once! An ambitious student manages to find a rare book on voodoo! A spate of crimes using this ancient form- of black magic suddenly plagues Rajnagar. Dhruv is forced to give the criminals a lending hand in a heist! Why did agree to follow the diktat of the criminals? Who is the mysterious man who forces Dhruv to become an accomplice in his crime? How will Dhruv counter this ancient form of black magic? Will he be able to turn the tables and bring the criminal to justice? Watch out for the exciting Rita Rampuri who is skilled in using knives! Join Dhruv in his battle against dark arts exclusively on Raj comics. DEATH WISH-193_explosion. The terrorists wishing to settle scores attack the old man. When Dhruv tries to intervene, the old man opens fire at Dhruv! Dhruv is perplexed with this action and he is faced with a new dilemma when he unravels the mystery of the old man. The old man causes wide scale destruction in Rajnagar when Dhruv refuses to accede to the request of the old man! What is so unusual about his request? Will Dhruv succeed in saving Rajnagar from destruction? A mysterious man, a bunch of scrupulous terrorist and Dhruv battle it out at Rajnagar. Read an exciting adventure of Dhruv, available exclusively on Raj Comics. Grab a copy today!


Tuesday, 17 June 2014
Well i thank rc for this new initiative to translate vintage comics in english . i have recently ordered this i am impressed by the translation by khitish padhy. its high time now to translate more rc specially scd's comics, it will attract all new set of readers who loves to read comics in english. looking forward to more such scd's comics in english . keep up the good work
Rohit Biswas
Thursday, 06 February 2014
A very good collection of epic SCD's comics with all the dialogues in english. A good one overall
Rajal Sharma
Sunday, 02 February 2014
These are the initial Dhruva comics which were undoubtedly brilliant. But the thing I was skeptical about was how would they feel in english. To my relief, the comics are translated aptly, though could've been better at times but doesn't disappoint at all. Reading it in English was a different feeling. Recommended if you want to feel the same.
Ankur Kaushik
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