Code: 12771
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9789332421646
Language: English
Colors: Single
Author: Sir Walter Scot
Paper: Plain
Condition: Fresh
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Description The return of Ivanhoe in England was a clear sign of the return of the king. It was a warning for Prince John that his royal brother was free and would return soon to claim the throne but faster than his thoughts, his brother, King Richard, had already set his feet on the soil of England. However, a character like Richard cannot live long in disguise. People identify him through his acts of bravery and generosity. Prince John had soon known of his arrival and afraid to lose the crown, he sent his troops after King Richard and his allies. Added by the warrior arms of Ivanhoe, and mighty skills of Locksley and his yeomen, King Richard had another crusade to win on his own land.


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