Vodafone Comics
Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce the launch of Raj Comics on Vodafone.

All Vodafone customers can send ‘Comic’ to 111 to download and read their favorite Raj Comics on their mobile phones or by directly visiting the vodafone Live portal. Each comics has been priced at Rs.15 for an entire story and Rs.2 for short comic clips.

The application provides a cool 3D user experience for browsing the Comic content catalog and reading the Comics in an animated way which is the closest feeling a user can get to reading a real comic on his/her mobile. To further add to the exceptional user experience we have also gone ahead and added special effects such as:

  • In-built Content Catalog (To increase repeat purchase)
  • Background Sounds (3G environment)
  • Handset Vibrations
  • Zooming Text Bubbles
  • Sub-titles (If needed)
  • Screen Effects (frame transitions)
  • Multi-lingual

As always we would like to hear your feedback on this initiative and look for guidance and suggestion on improvements.

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