Hello friends,

Our Online store is now in its seventh year of operation. Over this time we have served thousands of customers and continue to see a very robust growth in our customer base. We stock over 1000 Comics issues and we ship worldwide.

One of the biggest challenge for most of our customers is the ability to pay online. We understand that there are thousands of Comics readers who do not have Credit Cards or Debit Cards and so were unable to make purchase from our store. There has been an option to pay by Money Order or Demand Draft but both of these options generally take a week to 10 days for us to just receive the payment.

We are exploring to start Cash on Delivery option but that also would only be for customers based in Delhi. Outside Delhi the economics and logistics do not work out to sustain Cash on Delivery.

We are now introducing a new payment method called NEFT by which anybody from any part of the country would be able to make payment for their online orders.

Here is briefly how NEFT works:

You place the order on our store and choose NEFT as the payment method. Once you place your order then it would be in Pending status and you would receive below mentioned payment instructions.

For NEFT payment transfer, go to your nearest bank. The list of bank-wise branches which are participating in NEFT is provided in the website of Reserve Bank of India at http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/neft.aspx

Please fill the following details on the NEFT form of that bank:

Select NEFT if there is an option to choose between RTGS and NEFT.

Beneficiary Details
Beneficiary Name Raja Pocket Books
Beneficiary Account Number 33150200000188
Beneficiary Address 330 Main Road Burari, Delhi
Beneficiary Phone 07838383660
Beneficiary Bank Name & Branch Bank of Baroda, Burari
Beneficiary Bank Branch Address 760 Main Road Burari, Delhi.
Beneficiary Bank IFSC Code BARB0BURARI
Beneficiary Bank Account Type Current A/C


Applicant (Remitter) details
Remitter Name Put Your Name here
Remitter Address Put Your Address here
Remitter Phone (Mobile) Put Your Mobile Phone No. here
Remitter Email Put Your Email ID here
Remitter Account Number (Optional) This is needed only if you have an account in that bank and you want the money to be paid from your account.

As per RBI rules all banks are required to process NEFT for any person, even if they do not have an account in the bank. You should be able to pay for NEFT by Cash. Please do carry a valid ID proof. You may read the FAQ on NEFT on RBI website.

Mention your Order No. in the Remark section on the form.

Charges: Banks charge from Rs. 2.50 to Rs. 5/- for NEFT amount upto Rs. 10000.

The bank must provide you a UTR No. when they process your NEFT. Please note down this UTR No. as this is the only record of your payment.

After sending the money by NEFT, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. listing your Complete Name, Address, Mobile Phone, Date of payment, Amount, Name and Address of Your Bank, Order No., UTR No.

Generally NEFT is processed in a few hours.

Once we receive your payment in our account your order status would be changed to Confirmed and we would send it for fulfillment.

Thanks and happy shopping.