राज कोमिक्स परिवार की तरफ से सभी कोमिक्स प्रेमियों को ईद की बहुत सारी शुभकामनाएं

इस खुशी के माहोल में राज कॉमिक्स स्टोर पर पाए सभी कॉमिक्स पर 15% का extra discount.

Checkout के वक्त कूपन कोड EID152013 का इस्तेमाल करे

Raj Comics Online store is currently running a promotion exclusively for all our existing customers.

For all orders more than Rs. 500/- you get following extra discounts:

  • Customers who have placed one order in the past would get a 12% Extra discount.
  • Customers who have placed 2 to 3 orders in the past would get a 16% Extra discount.
  • Customers who have placed 4 to 5 orders in the past would get a 18% Extra discount.
  • Customers who have placed 6 or more orders in the past would get a 20% Extra discount.

If you have never placed an order with us before then do not loose heart. We are also offering a 12% discount to all new customers. However your order should be more than Rs. 800/-

This is not all. All orders(for both existing and new customers) above Rs. 400/- would receive two 3D paper Toys of Nagraj and Doga. These paper toys would provide you some quality fun time assembling the toys with scissors and glue.

Please do check our New Arrivals section for some of the old out of print comics that have now been made available for purchase.

P.S. The discount would be applied automatically. You do not need to do anything special.

Update:7 Aug 2013=> The automatic calculation had some bug. Please use Coupon Code: NEW

Free Comics Day 2012

Dear Friends,
Today Oct 5th, is a very special day for all Comics Fans in India. It is the Birthday of our beloved Superhero Nagraj.
We celeberate this day as Free Comics day where Fans can get Free Comics upto Rs. 125/- from our Online Store.
Use the Coupon Code FCD2012 to avail the benefit. The Coupon would reduce your cart amount by Rs 125/-.

फ्री कॉमिक्स प्राप्त करने की विधि:
नए यूज़र्स साईट पर अपना registration करें (registration निशुल्क है ).
Online store पर जा कर अपनी पसंद की कॉमिक्स cart में डालें.
Checkout के दौरान यह coupon code इस्तेमाल करें FCD2012
125/- मूल्य की कॉमिक्स हम आपको निशुल्क दे रहे हैं. यदि आप इससे अधिक मूल्य की  कॉमिक्स का आदेश देते हैं तो अतिरिक्त कीमत का मूल्य आपको अदा करना होगा.
निम्नलिखित नियम एवं शर्तें लागू.

प्रोमोशन scheme बिना किसी कारण बताए रद्द की जा सकती है.
इस प्रोमोशन के ऑर्डर की पूर्ती में 5 दिन तक का अतिरिक्त विलम्ब हो सकता है.
यह प्रमोशन scheme केवल एक आर्डर के लिए है. एक से ज्यादा आर्डर में coupon इस्तेमाल करने पर आप के सभी ऑर्डर रद्द कर दिए जायेंगे.
किसी एक घर से केवल एक ही आर्डर स्वीकार किया जायेगा. एक से ज्यादा आर्डर करने पर आप के सभी ऑर्डर रद्द कर दिए जायेंगे.
किसी भी प्रकार के विवाद में राज कॉमिक्स प्रबंधन समिति का फैसला अंतिम एवं मान्य होगा.

Dear Friends,
 Many of you have asked for an option of courier service for ordering of Comics from our Online Store. We have now enlisted First Flight Couriers as an available Shipping method. First Flight generally ships by next day evening withing Delhi and NCR. Their maximum Transit time is 72 hours ( for far south and north east states).

In addition we also offer Express Parcel Post (EPP) service. EPP is a fast and reliable service just like speed post although it costs mush less than speed post.

Our effort at Raj Comics is to provide you with the most affordable and reliable shipping service. We look forward to your continued patronage.







Hello Dhruva Fans! Would you like this Dhruva poster on your wall? Raj Comics Online store is currently running a Limited time exclusive promotion. All (printed comics) orders above Rs. 350/- would get this poster free. The poster is 3 feet wide.